Jim Harbaugh Simply Wants To Prove Another Point With Super Bowl Victory

By John Raffel
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Jim Harbaugh has nothing to prove in terms of establishing himself as a quality NFL coach. He’s already done that.

But it’s more important for Harbaugh personally, for the San Francisco 49ers to win the Super Bowl today than for his brother John Harbaugh for one reason: to prove a point. Jim Harbaugh has enough of an ego to think he always has to prove a point. So that’s why he wants this one badly.

Not that John Harbaugh doesn’t want it just as bad for the Baltimore Ravens, obviously.

But Jim has been in the spotlight a lot more. Two years ago at this time, he was a highly coveted coach in the collegiate and NFL ranks as Stanford was trying desperately to keep him. Michigan, before hiring Brady Hoke, was convinced Harbaugh was the man and wanted him badly. He had proven to everyone that he could be an outstanding head collegiate football coach.

But having a chace to go to San Francisco and prove himself as an NFL coach was an opportunity Harbaugh could not turn down. He had one more thing to prove. Many are skeptical about a college head coach going immediately to the NFL as a head guy and enjoying success. Harbaugh did have assistant’s experience in the NFL. But not many college coaches take an NFL job and two years later win a Super Bowl.

That’s why Jim Harbaugh badly wants this win, even if a loss would mean his brother gets the title instead. Blood might be thicker than water, but Jim Harbaugh won’t settle for anything less than sipping champagne and holding the Vince Lombardi trophy after this game has ended.

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