Joe Flacco Shows the World That He Is Elite

By Riley Schmitt
Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

A lot of people have always doubted Joe Flacco. The Baltimore Ravens QB took to the biggest stage and he performed at an amazing level. Flacco was named the MVP of Super Bowl XLVI and he showed the planet why he is an elite quarterback.

Flacco is going to make a ton of money after this game.  He is going to get that big contract that everyone was unsure about giving him.  During the playoffs, he played his best.  That is what you expect the elite QBs to do.  It may be a debate that can never be answered, but you have to include him now.

This debate is going to rage for awhile but I think you have to say the man is elite.  Not many people have ever put up the numbers that he did in the playoffs.  He did not throw an interception in the playoffs and he threw big touchdowns when his team needed him the most.  He did have some help with some great plays from his supporting cast, but Flacco was the man who was responsible for getting them the ball.

It is going to be interesting to see how much money Flacco ends up getting.  He wants more than 20 million a year and he just might get it after this game.  The team might have to make some sacrifices to pay him that much, but you have to give him his due. The man who people constantly doubted stepped up in the spotlight.

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