New York Jets Will Offer Up Tim Tebow in the Trade Market Before Inevitably Releasing Him

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Tim Tebow
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The 2012 season was a season to forget for Tim Tebow.

After being traded to the New York Jets, Tebow and his new team soon found that his inability to make an impact anywhere on the field meant a lost season for both the player and the organization.

The NFL proved that it could survive and even thrive without the most polarizing player in the league. The clock has struck midnight on Tebow-mania, and Tebow’s football future is now as shaky as his throwing mechanics.

The Jets will do everything they can to find a trade partner willing to take a chance on Tebow, but the chances of any team giving up anything at all for Tebow’s services are probably slim to none.

Even a conditional seventh-round pick would be fair compensation for Tebow. The Jets would probably sign off on a trade like that, and they’d be thrilled to get anything more than that. Most likely, they’ll just release him.

No team in the NFL is going to let Tebow play quarterback, and if he wants to continue his pro football career, Tebow is either going to have to learn to play another position, or take his talents north of the border.

Tebow has the size and physicality to play H-back, and that’s probably his best bet for an NFL future. Otherwise he can retire early and go into politics if he wants to. Senator Tebow has a pretty nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

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