NFL Has Some Changes To Make Before Next Season

By Andy Schmidt
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

As this National Football League season concludes with the Super Bowl, hopefully the league has learned some things and makes a few changes before next season. There is the matter of concussions and allowing players back on the field along with injury concerns about players seemingly getting themselves back into games when they shouldn’t be out there. There is also the matter of playing more games overseas.

The concussion issue will always be out there and with players trying to be more careful about where they are hitting their opponent, flags are still being thrown and players are getting your brains scrambled. I really believe that the NFL should add a rule where a player must sit out the next week if they are diagnosed with a concussion. The brain needs time to heal and making a player sit out the next week even if they seem better is the best way to go. The injury thing is something that can’t really be fixed too easily because you aren’t going to see players like Robert Griffin III going back in the game with a knee injury when he really shouldn’t have. I know word has been that he got clearance but I keep hearing conflicting stories on that.

The more games overseas thing has to stop though. There will be two games in London next year and to me, that’s two too many. I get that the league wants to expand the game but I really don’t think playing games in London does it. The game is on in primetime for those in Europe anyway so if they want to see the NFL, it is on after all their day’s other games are over with. I would love to see all the games just played in the home stadiums and that’s it. I know many of these things will go on deaf ears but it is worth talking about in the league.

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