NFL Rumors: San Diego Chargers to change blocking tactics?

By Kenny Gardner
San Diego Chargers
David Butler II-USA Today Sports

The offensive line of the San Diego Chargers did a terrible job at protecting Philip Rivers in 2012.  San Diego’s offensive line allowed 49 sacks which ranked fourth in the NFL.

According to John Gennaro of, “Rumors have been rampant that the San Diego Chargers intend to switch from a power-blocking scheme to a zone blocking scheme for their offensive line since the hiring of Joe D’Alessandris.”

D’Alessandris used a zone-blocking scheme as a member of the Buffalo Bills coaching staff.  The zone-blocking scheme will open up more holes in the run game and allow linemen to double team pass rushers.

The power-blocking scheme makes sense for teams that have power running backs who bounce off tackles. However, Ryan Mathews is injury prone, so maybe the zone-blocking scheme will help prevent injuries for him.

San Diego has to do something to improve their offensive line and this could be the answer.  The Arizona Cardinals, the Green Bay Packers and the Jacksonville Jaguars were the only teams to allow more sacks than San Diego in 2012.

San Diego ranked 31st in yards per rushing attempt and was tied for last in rushing touchdowns in 2012, so the new coaching staff has to change the philosophy and maybe make changes with the players as well.

Rivers did not have the best weapons to throw to because San Diego ranked 22nd in receiving yards and 30th in yards per reception.  This was due in part to bad offensive line play as well because Rivers did not have as much time as other quarterbacks to throw the ball.

Rivers still ranked 11th in the NFL with an 88.6 QB rating, so an improved offensive line will go a long way in making San Diego’s offense better during the 2013 season.

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