Power Goes Out During Super Bowl XLVII

By Riley Schmitt

Things got really weird at Super Bowl XLVII. With the Baltimore Ravens in full control, the lights at the Superdome decided that they wanted to stop working. The game was forced into a delay as everyone waited for the lights to turn back on.

Twitter was the best place to be during the outage because the jokes were flying. Believe it or not, there were way too many Bane jokes to count. I guess that the internet does have its positive moments sometimes. This was certainly one of those times as everyone was at full on snark.

I have no idea what happened but there were some people that were not happy with it.  I mean, there is not a lot you can do during a power surge.  Things like this happen and while they are a pain, they are something that should not last too long.  It would kind of suck to be a fan at the game but I know that watching it from home was fairly funny.  CBS did a nice job of keeping the the fans entertained during the break on TV.

We will see if things turn in the game after the power comes back on.  It has been a fairly one sided contest but there is still plenty of time for the San Francisco 49ers to come back.  They need to get some stops and play a lot better on offense, but it could be exactly what they needed.

As a reminder, this is why the Super Bowl is awesome.

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