Super Bowl Commercials Lacking This Year


One of the highlights each season of watching the Super Bowl besides the game is the commercials. I have to say that while it was a fairly good year for the commercials, I still remember the days of the Bud Bowl and wish those kinds of things were back. It would be something to keep fans involved in the game and make them keep watching. While the last number of games have been very competitive so fans have stuck around, the commercials appear to be lacking for me.

Hopefully next year, the commercials will be better than they were this time around. I enjoyed the commercial with the voice of Paul Harvey talking about farmers. That commercial must have lasted about a minute and a half so that’s over $11 million of commercial time you are talking about and if I would pick one commercial that led the way for me on the night, that would be it.  There was a certain kind of aura to those 90 seconds late in the game that had me on the edge of my seat.

You get your normal commercials from Doritos and GoDaddy which after a while can become a bit repetitive but it comes with the territory. With the game now over, we can look forward to Jell-O heading to San Francisco and those new Pizza Hut sliders being free on Tuesday afternoon. I guess everyone wins in those two instances even if we didn’t see a commercial for either one during the game that I remember. There will be better years than this one for the commercials.

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