Super Bowl XLVII: Baltimore Ravens Jacoby Jones Playing Lights Out in Dome

By David Miller
Jones 49ers
Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sport

The biggest play of Super Bowl XLVII so far was so electrifying that it caused the lights to go out in the Louisiana Superdome. Okay, I had to. Seriously the Jacoby Jones kickoff return to start the second half might not only be the longest in Super Bowl history, it might also be the final nail in the coffin of the San Francisco 49ers chances to win this game.

If they plan to make this comeback, the 49ers will have to put together not only offensive big plays, but they desperately need some big plays on defense. At this point, no matter how many 80-yard touchdown plays they produce, they will be answered by a constantly productive offense in the Baltimore Ravens. Joe Flacco is playing so well that he might as well be Joe Montana.

The 49ers have made a season out of hard hitting, game swinging defensive plays. They need a few in the second half of this game in order to give their offense the chance to do something big as well. The 49ers don’t usually have a runback threat like Jacoby Jones, but punt or kickoff returns would be huge as well. Mainly what they need more than anything is big defensive plays. The stop they just got is a good example. If they can’t combine big offensive and defensive plays, however, this Super Bowl might be over.

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