Super Bowl XLVII: Joe Flacco Making Big Plays With His Feet

By Kase Brammer


Joe Flacco
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

When thinking of athleticism in this year’s Super Bowl Joe Flacco‘s name doesn’t come up until right before the punters and kickers, but so far in Super Bowl XLVII,the Baltimore Ravens’ quarterback is using his feet to keep drives alive. He has scrambled on multiple occasions and even hit Anquan Boldin for a big 30 yard pass play. The drive resulted in a punt, but that may have been the best play of the game.

The San Francisco 49ers are getting a solid amount of pressure on Flacco, but he is using his feet more effectively than Colin Kaepernick. On a side note, Kaepernick broke the playoffs record for rushing yards by a quarterback which only adds to the impressiveness of my previous statement.

Jim Harbaugh‘s team is not playing defense to the best of their ability right now and haven’t had a big play yet in this game. The 49ers are young and talented, but so far I have seen how young they are more than anything else in this game. The best part of this game is watch Jim lose to his older brother John Harbaugh. Really, it’s fantastic for everyone who is not a 49ers fan.

Right now, Flacco is playing like the MVP of the Super Bowl. He is making ridiculous throws all over the field and using his legs to get away from an extremely athletic defense. If he continues to play at this level, the Ravens are going to roll over the 49ers.

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