Super Bowl XLVII: Skill Players Showing Up Big For Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers

By Curt Popejoy
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

We haven’t even gotten to halftime yet and things are already heating up in Super Bowl XLVII. This game was advertised as a battle of physical offensive and defensive fronts that promise to squash any attempts to move the football. While that’s sort of played out on the scoreboard, there have been some great individual efforts.

Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Anquan Boldin has just continued what he’s been doing during the entire playoffs. He is so strong and such a great athlete, I am not sure if there is a player in the San Francisco 49ers secondary who can cover him. The problem for the Ravens will be if they can protect quarterback Joe Flacco long enough to get the ball to him. Along those same lines, tight end Dennis Pitta is finding holes in the 49ers defense as well. It’s all coming down to the supreme effort of Flacco in the passing game. He’s finding his teammates, and delivering the football with accuracy and poise.

For the 49ers, tight end Vernon Davis has proven so far to be the kryptonite for the Ravens defense. Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis must think he’s on an episode of Punk’d here in the first half. Davis and 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick have been picking on Lewis at every turn, and the Ravens haven’t found an answer yet. Unfortunately for the 49ers the rest of the offense is being held in check in large part. It’s going to take a big step up by one of the 49ers wide receivers to help take some pressure off Davis and the 49ers running game.

In the 2nd half for the Ravens I expect more of the same. Pound it in the run game and keep taking their shots at a 49ers secondary that doesn’t have any answers. For the 49ers, they have to be careful not to let this get out of hand. The 49ers are going to need to open up the playbook and get some points so they don’t put Kaepernick in a position where he has to win it with his arm. Not sure he can do that.


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