Super Bowl XLVII Will Go Down As Greatest Ever

By Andy Schmidt
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Super Bowl XLVII will go down in history for a number of reasons from the Baltimore Ravens winning their second Super Bowl in team history to the blackout to the way the officials allowed the game to get out of their control at some points. However, this will go down as the greatest Super Bowl ever in my opinion for many different reasons. If you would have predicted all the things that happened in this game, you would have been a genius.

The performance that Colin Kaepernick put up after the power outage was amazing with his touchdown pass to Michael Crabtree to go along with the 15-yard touchdown run. Look at Joe Flacco who won the Most Valuable Player award and deserved it after throwing for 287 yards and three touchdowns. I really thought after Jacoby Jones ran back the second half kickoff to make it 28-6 that the game was turning into a blowout like we saw in the 1980s, but then the power outage happened.

Everything changed after that because the tidal wave of momentum that Baltimore had was long gone when the 35-minute delay finally ended. It turned a game that was heading quickly towards one of the worst games ever into a game that will go down to me as the greatest Super Bowl ever.

While a lot of people won’t like it, Ray Lewis goes out a winner and in a game that had more twists and turns than a family playing Twister, the Ravens got to finish off the career of Lewis in grand style even if it took the San Francisco 49ers rallying from a 22-point deficit to pull within three to do it. No one will ever forget this Super Bowl no matter how hard they try and when that happens, it becomes one of the greatest games ever. You will remember where you were when the Super Bowl power outage happened.

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