Super Bowl XLVIl: John Harbaugh Makes Correct Call by Taking a Safety

By Kase Brammer
Super Bowl
Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

A lot of people may have been wondering why John Harbaugh elected to take a safety instead of punting the ball away. Well, it’s a decision based on control. The Baltimore Ravens felt they had more control by punting the ball with no pressure instead of risking a shank or a punt return for a TD. P Sam Koch got the ball and held it for eight seconds because the San Francisco 49ers did not put any pressure on him. He made the smart decision by running into the corner and protecting the ball further.

This was by no means the play of the game, but it was very important in terms of controlling what the 49ers could do on the final play of the game. Koch boomed the ball on the safety kick off and Ted Ginn was unable to score and the game was over.

The 49ers should have never been in this game, so you have to give them some credit, but if their fans pretend like the officials took the game away from them, they are just wrong. You can’t throw a flag on that play because both players were contacting each other and the ball was basically out of reach. He could have made a miraculous catch, but based on the drop we saw from Michael Crabtree earlier, there was just no chance he makes that catch.

The hotter team held the trophy up at the end of the day and really that is all that matters. Joe Flacco played a great game and the pressure just ended up being too much for Colin Kaepernick. John Harbaugh was just a little more prepared than the younger Jim Harbaugh.

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