Wes Welker: Do the New England Patriots Need Him?

By andRe Christos Helios
Greg M. Cooper: USA TODAY Sports

This is a no- brainer! If you’re a New England Patriots fan, you want to keep Wes Welker. If you’re Tom Brady, you want to keep Wes Welker. Hell, even Patriots’ owner, Robert Kraft, wants to keep Wes Welker. But do the Pats need him?

Why all the talk about Welker? If you’re not-in-the-know, the Pats’ wide receiver becomes a free agent in March. The Pats value his athleticism. This is the reason why they didn’t let him go last season when his contract expired. Not reaching a negotiable deal could mean much for New England.

First and foremost, Welker seems to be Brady’s number one guy. If you’re confused as to what that means, that means Welker is Brady’s main target. If you’re skeptical of number 83’s finesse, his resume speaks for itself: he led the NFL in receptions in 2007, 2009, and 2011. I’d say Brady likes this guy very much.

If you’re still unconvinced of Welker’s importance to the Pats, do know and understand that Welker has accumulated a total of five 110-reception seasons, three of them happen to be three consecutive seasons. In having said that, Welker is the first and will possibly be the only receiver in NFL history to have acquired three consecutive 110-reception seasons.

Obviously, the guy can catch the ball. Can he catch the ball when it matters most-let’s say Super Bowl 46 when he dropped a significant pass against the New York Giants, or a critical dropped pass against the Baltimore Ravens in this year’s AFC Championship game? That is another topic for discussion.

Again, Wes Welker can catch a football. But so can Rob Gronkowski. Aaron Hernandez can catch a football, too. In addition to New England’s tight end duo, wide receiver Brandon Lloyd has proven that he can catch the ball. What’s the point? New England is versatile when it comes to offense; there is no dependency on one particular receiver to catch the pigskin.

So what’s all the fuss about negotiating a deal with Wes? For starters, if you’ve invested money, emotion, and time into something valuable, I think you’d hate to see it relinquished somewhere else. Welker has been with the Pats since 2007. Okay, so he lacks a Super Bowl; that is another topic for discussion. Nonetheless, he has proven himself. His stats are spoken for; the man is a notable receiver and it would be detrimental in not keeping him.

Is he a necessity? Yes! Do the Pats need him? Yes! Even with Hernandez, Gronkowski, Lloyd and Deion Branch? Yes! Opponents can’t contain Welker. More importantly, keeping Welker forces defenses to work harder; they have to worry about a host of receivers. The New England Patriots are loaded with receivers. Will it hurt them if a deal isn’t worked out between them and Welker? As the Pats leading receiver, I’d say, “Yes”. They need him.

Besides, it would be a pity to see him with another team that makes it to the Super Bowl like Randy Moss, former Patriots wide receiver, who came back from retirement and is now playing with the San Francisco 49ers, who are playing in tonight’s Super Bowl.

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