Will Super Bowl XLVII live up to all the hype?

By Nik Swartz
Roger Goodell
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

As the countdown begins to the Super Bowl XLVII, or the “Harbowl Bowl” whichever you prefer to call this over-hyped event, now is the time to just enjoy all the festivities that surround the big game; because just like New Years’ Eve, the fun of the Super Bowl is actually before the game.

The Super Bowl is similar to New Years’ Eve in so many ways; the planning of parties, the excitement of family and friends getting together and whose house is the best spot to watch the game, because if you are invited to multiple events, the food and beverage, and most importantly size of the TV are important factors in making the decision of where you are going to go.

The fun and enjoyment of both the Super Bowl and New Years’ Eve happen prior to the start of the game, or the ball dropping. In most cases, by the time the event has begun, the majority of people are, to be politically correct a little “fuzzy” and the actual event is just a blur. Now there is nothing wrong with this, it is just how it goes.

With the Super Bowl and the way the NFL has it set-up with the two weeks of build up to the special Sunday in February, everything that can be analyzed has been, all the hype that can be given has been, all the old Super Bowls have been shown. By now most people are ready to go nuts and just want to head to the destination where they will watch the game.

The sad part about the Super Bowl is that it rarely gets close to living up to all the hype that it gets and midway through the game, the focus is off the game and back on the food and beverages. The Super Bowls recently have been pretty good, with only four of the Super Bowls in the last decade decided by more than 10-points, the last two between the New York Giants and New England Patriots were as exciting as any game could be. In most cases though, it is not possible for the games to live up to the hype the NFL puts on the Super Bowl.

It isn’t really the fault of the teams or the fans, the blame falls on the NFL. To make fans wait two-weeks for the game, to drain every last dollar out of the fans, is pathetic. It is nice for the teams to be able to come into the game as healthy as they can, but it is hard to believe, as much as NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell wants the world to think, that the league waits two weeks for the safety of the players. They do it to get every advertisement dollar, every penny, to get one game talked about for 24 hours a day for 14 days.

The good thing about the Super Bowl and New Years’ Eve, even if they are the two most overrated events every year, is the fact families get another chance to get together, friends have an excuse to get together or go out and not have to hear any complaints from their significant others. As much as the NFL does to make this event more about money than the actual game, in the end, it is a fun time to spend with family and friends, if the score is 55-10 or 24-23.

As the clock ticks closer to kick-off and fans around the world prepare for two brothers squaring off in the biggest sporting event of the year, enjoy this time, enjoy this moment as you are reading up on the game, because no matter if it is over-hyped or not, in the end it is all worth it.

It is great to live in a country were a game is just as important as any holiday. It is annoying that all the fun lines the greedy NFL’s pockets, but for one day who cares, and hopefully the game between the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens does live up to all the hype.


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