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5 Events That Can Hurry Us To 2013 NFL Season

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5 Things To Pass The Time Until 2013 NFL Season

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Well, that’s it everyone, the NFL season is over. Sunday’s are back to being just about family, food and relaxation. No more stress, no aggravation, and for people like me, no more sleepless Sunday nights. You see, there is no sport I love more than football and the National Football League is the game I care the most about. Sure, I like other sports and teams but I am not nearly as passionate about any of them the way I am about football.

And just like that, the NFL season is over. Why don’t other sports go by as quickly as the NFL does? Baseball, with all its boredom, lasts forever and the NBA takes a while too, especially with the drawn out playoffs for no good reason. But the wonderful game of football flies by! As a fan of the greatest game we have, I’ll be missing it and I’m sure there will be plenty of others who will miss it just as much as I do and they are feeling my pain right about now.

Fear not though, we do have some salvation as we await a new NFL season and that’s what I’m here to do, to try and get you through it as best we can. We can anticipate these things to take our minds off of the actual games of football and it will still give us some joy. It won’t take the sting away from games no longer being played but we can look to these 5 things to pass the time until a new season arrives.

Here are the 5 things that will help get us to the 2013 NFL season:

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5. NFL Combine

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The Combine begins on February 23 and it runs through the 26th It’s an event that continues to grow in popularity and where we over-obsess over players that we want our teams to draft. It’s also a place where we can bash players we never liked and hope our rivals draft them. Either, it involved the NFL and the NFL draft, sign me up!

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4. Free Agency

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Free agency begins on March 12 and the time to start tracking players is now and it’ll last right up until mid-March. We can look over the list a thousand times and then when players we want our team to sign go to another team, we get upset. Then we start to wonder why our team isn’t doing anything we want them to do, so it’s kind of like the season and you get just as much complaining.

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3. March Madness

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March madness begins on March 19th and I know it isn’t the NFL but it’s a lot of fun to watch, and filling out all of those brackets takes up a lot of time. It also takes our minds off of football for a little bit. Not completely off of the NFL but a nice enough break before we start preparing for the next big thing in the NFL off-season…

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2. NFL Draft

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The NFL Draft! It’s the best part of the off-season, and next to real football being played, it’s the best thing about the NFL. Draftniks will all be predicting who’s going where and I love the entire process of it. Of course, we’ll find out April 25-27 that we didn’t know as much as we thought we knew but hopefully after the draft, our favorite teams will have renewed optimism. Of course, then we have to wait three months to see the players on the field but April is a great month! I love me some NFL draft!

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1. Training Camp

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Training camps begin in late July and we finally have football again and all is right in the world, until that first injury that crushes our spirit. Anyway, there is real football being played again and even though the pre-season games aren’t as much fun, at least there’s action. It also gives off that feel that the 2013 NFL season is right around the corner. That’s when the excitement really builds up.

So when you think about it, the 2013 NFL season is right around the corner and we’ve got some things to keep us occupied until then. September 2013, hurry up and get here please!