Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre Make 'Awkward' Appearance

By Daniel Kock
Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers
Jeff Hanisch-US Presswire

Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers attended the NFL Honors awards show in New Orleans Saturday night. Surprisingly, they presented the NFL comeback player of the year award together. As you can imagine, things got a little awkward.

The conversation between the two was clearly scripted. However, the hug/handshake movement did not seem to be. Rodgers initiates the handshake, which Favre accepts and looks to go for a hug. Clearly the two quarterbacks were not on the same page on the hug and neither knew what to do. Rodgers ends the exchange dead-panned, “that was awkward.”

This small exchange between the two reflects on how they each play quarterback. Favre, the classic gunslinger never afraid of taking a chance, goes off script. He gets caught up in the moment and instinctively calls an audible to go for the touchdown. He lives for the big play, and in that moment, a hug would have been the icing on the cake. Unfortunately for him, it was an interception.

And then there’s Rodgers – the ultimate precision quarterback who goes through his progressions and won’t make a risky throw in an attempt to take care of the football. He analyzed the situation, read the coverage and made the proper play. He sticks to the script and decides to hit his check-down for a first down rather than throw into double coverage. He’ll live to play another down and wait for his opportunity for the big play.

It was far from the perfect moment. Clearly, there is still some tension between the two and will likely always exist. However, it was a step for the two to have some communication – even if it was scripted.

Before last night, the communication was lacking and has left the Packers organization in an awkward position. Favre will deservedly have his number retired at some point – he earned that designation with is play. However, there is no denying the delicate position he put Rodgers in, and the Packers need to make sure they don’t upset their current quarterback.

Last night did not heal the relationship between Favre and Rodgers, and I doubt it will ever be completely healed. But, it was a step – a small step that may make the moment Favre gets his number retired a little less awkward for all parties involved.

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