Bill Romanowski Still Lacks Self-Control And His Temper Is Scary

By Jeff Everette
Bill Romanowski- photo courtesy of
Bill Romanowski- photo courtesy of


Bill Romanowski has never been known as the model for the mantra calm, cool and collective. In fact, Romanowski is pretty much known for being a hot-headed psychopath on the football field, and a whack job off of it.

Romanowski ingrained himself into the love and loyalty many fans have for their team when he was a major part of their championship defense, something he did several times in his career, for several different teams. Romo was a beast on the field, and if he was on your team you loved what he brought to the table. If he was not on your team, chances are you hated him more than any other player of that era.

Romanowski seemed to enjoy all of the hate and negative attention, he acted like he thrived on it. The fearless linebacker seemed to take all of that hate, bottle it up and then release it in the offensive backfield on some poor sucker of a running back or a hapless quarterback. Even his own teammates have fallen victim to his rage.

Now it seems as though the retired NFL pro is not letting a little thing like not being on the field keep him from building up the hate filled relationships with Joe Public.

In his appearance on the Jim Rome show, he went on about the concussion situation in the NFL and was nearly strangled before he left the set. When he said that the brain damaged players could heal themselves through a fierce will and a belief in mind over matter, most people thought he would never be seen as a serious analyst on a television broadcast again.

Of course, that just was not the case, and now we have this gem of a tirade over Randy Moss, his performance in the Super Bowl and his “best ever” boasts from earlier in the week.

Now, what Romanowski goes off about is not necessarily wrong, but the intensity with which he delivers his message is just a tad over the top and it provides an excellent example of what the prolonged mixture of steroids and blows to the head will do to you.

This surely is not the last time we see Romanowski lose his cool, in fact, I am sure there is a prop bet with Romanowski’s temper in mind that you can get your money in on. Romanowski is a media whore of the worst manner, and he has no self control to boot. This makes for an extremely interesting situation every time he is asked to be an in-studio guest somewhere.

The biggest question surrounding Romanowski and his rage issues surrounds his co-hosts’ safety. How long will it be before we see the beast emerge from Romo again, and he attacks a co-worker or some mouthy fan. With the anger issues and outbursts an incident is clearly a strong possibility with the guy. Let’s just hope nobody gets hurt.

I appreciate all of the steps the league is taking to protect the players from further injury, but they need to figure out what to do with the ones that are already damaged beyond repair.

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