Buffalo Bills Can't Jump Ship on Ryan Fitzpatrick in 2013

By Devin O'Barr
Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills are not the first and will definitely not be the last to sign a mediocre player to a monstrous contract. Ryan Fitzpatrick signed a six-year, $62M contract in October of 2011 and has since under-performed, leaving the club an awful 7-18 record after signing his big deal.

Too many times money is thrown around and it sets NFL franchises back for years, but the Buffalo Bills owe it to themselves to see the Fitzpatrick deal out.

Releasing Fitzpatrick would only cause more strife and indecision up north as the team would be paying two quarterbacks as opposed to just one in 2013. If I’m a Bills fan, I’m steering clear of players like Philadelphia Eagles‘ quarterback Michael Vick or even San Francisco 49ers backup Alex Smith because of the money.

In my mind, Fitzpatrick gives the team a chance to win every Sunday and the biggest problems are not underneath center for the Bills.

Instead of going out and giving another quarterback top-notch money, the team should focus on a defensive front that was 31st in all of the NFL, yielding over 145 rushing yards per game. Fitzpatrick is the 19th-highest paid Quarterback in the league, and whether he deserves that money is now irrelevant as the team must ride or die with him in 2013.

With the eighth pick in this spring’s draft, the Bills need not look for a quarterback and should instead look at linebacker talent to compliment last offseasons $96M acquisition in defensive end Mario Williams.

The Bills have proved they spend money like a teenage girl, but letting go of Fitzpatrick would only add more issues to the already struggling team.

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