Cris Carter Will Finally Take Rightful Place in NFL Hall of Fame

By Andrew Fisher
USA Today Sports

It only took six long years, but former Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Cris Carter is finally headed to the NFL Hall of Fame. After years being snubbed some were beginning to wonder if Carter would ever take his rightful place in Canton. Personally, I don’t know what took so long.

Carter was no doubt one of the greatest receivers of his generation, finishing his career in fourth place in two major statistical categories – 1,101 receptions and 130 touchdowns.

Obviously, most expected this honor would mean a lot to Carter, but I didn’t realize just how much it meant to him:

“This is the happiest day of my life. I came from a housing project in Middletown, Ohio, with my mom raising seven kids. Every dime I ever made is on the National Football League. This game means everything to me. Now to say that I’m in the elite of the elite, there’s nothing more that can be said about your career,” Carter said Saturday.

Depending on who you ask, Carter is usually considered one of the top three receivers of his generation. Clearly, Jerry Rice was the best from that era (and all-time), but Carter is not too far behind. His former teammate Randy Moss made headlines last week when he called himself the greatest. I’m going to guess that Carter took exception to that statement…

There’s a very solid case to be made for Carter being better than Moss. I wouldn’t call him more talented, but there’s no question he was a better possession receiver and teammate than Moss ever was. I’m also going to guess that most Vikings’ fans would call Carter the greatest receiver in franchise history. I know that’s how I feel.

So after six years Cris Carter is heading to his rightful place in Canton. Pretty good for a guy who was claimed off of waivers by the Vikings for $100 back in 1990.


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