How Close are the Chicago Bears to a Super Bowl?

Tim Fuller – US Presswire

After taking some time to digest last night’s game (and my wife’s excellent chili), watching the Baltimore Ravens hoist the Super Bowl XLVII trophy makes me angry. I’m not angry because I hate the Ravens (although Ray Lewis is one of the world’s biggest phonies), I am angry because the Chicago Bears weren’t that far away.

And for those of you that think I’m a meathead and a homer, you should see what other fans call me on Twitter (@chicagobearjew). I get accused of being way too hard on the Bears and always negative.

The biggest and most glaring issue the 2012 Bears faced was on offense. That is why Lovie Smith was fired and Marc Trestman was brought in to fix the offense. Let’s keep in mind that the Ravens were not ripping through the league this past season and almost didn’t qualify for the playoffs. In fact, if you look at the two team’s regular seasons, you might see a similar pattern. Both teams finished with a 10-6 regular season mark and faded down the stretch. There were some that felt the Ravens weren’t going to make the post-season.

The Ravens also caught a huge break when the Denver Broncos failed to cover Jacoby Jones. Once they caught this break, they took advantage. Kudos to the Ravens for seizing the day. But good teams create their own luck. Meanwhile, the Bears didn’t catch that same break and it’s due to an offense that didn’t pull its weight. Just image if the Bears offense becomes even 10 percent better this season? This will make the defense that much stronger. And while the Bears will have another year on that unit, assuming that Brian Urlacher comes back and Henry Melton re-signs, the Bears should have defensive success. So with what we hope will be improved offensive production and one-of-the-leagues better defenses, the Bears should be a contender.

Of course, this all depends on Trestman’s coaching ability. He’s been a winner throughout his career, and many consider him one of the best offensive minds around the game. He will have his work cut out for him with one of the league’s worst offensive lines and tight ends. Quite frankly, with the exception of Brandon Marshall and Matt Forte, a HUGE lack of talent at the skill positions. Jay Cutler‘s problem isn’t talent, it’s consistency. Part of this can be blamed on his lack of help, but we need to see a bit more from No. 6.

It should be a very interesting off-season now for the Monsters of the Midway. What will they do in free agency and the draft. How soon will Kellen Davis be serving those McNuggets he endorses? WIll Urlacher return? All I know is training camp cannot start soon enough.

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