It's Really Easy to Laugh at a San Francisco 49ers Fan

By Kase Brammer
Jim Harbaugh
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Everything is supposed to go the San Francisco 49ers way, or at least that’s what head coach Jim Harbaugh thinks. Instead of pointing out all the other mistakes the officials made in Super Bowl XLVII, everyone points at the alleged hold of WR Michael Crabtree in the final two minutes of the game.

But what about the blown running into the kicker call or the illegal contact the 49ers defenders were guilty of entire game. It’s the Super Bowl, a team needs be able the overcome these things and that is exactly what the Baltimore Ravens did.

Once again, Jim Harbaugh made a fool of himself on the sidelines and this was probably the most entertaining part of the Super Bowl for me and many other people. Harbaugh is just a very unlikeable person, so when the 49ers lose it makes it very easy to laugh at their fans for being so sure of themselves the entire 2012 season. The NFL needs to make an example out of Jim. He should not be able to run all over the field complaining and he should be fined at least $50,000 for his post game comments.

The 49ers deserved to lose the game, so when the official didn’t pull his little yellow flag out of his belt on fourth down, it just made sense. The Ravens had the game on lock down before the power went out in the Super Dome. It could be argued that was the turning point in the game, and not anything the 49ers did. Momentum is a terrible thing to waste, but there was nothing either team could have done to avoid the situation. In the end, neither team benefited from the stoppage of play.

On Sunday, Joe Flacco outplayed Colin Kaepernick; John Harbaugh coached better than Jim, and the emotion conjured up by Ray Lewis and company was more than anything the 49ers could ever dream of. No single play can be attributed to the 49ers loss and every time a fan says otherwise should make you laugh because you know they are just in denial.

What other teams in the NFL do you enjoy watching fail?

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