Officials Leave Black Mark On Super Bowl XLVII

By Andy Schmidt
Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

The amount of storylines that swirled around Super Bowl XLVII have to be in the dozens after the Baltimore Ravens’ win over the San Francisco 49ers. If there is one thing that is going to bug me more than anything about the game is just how bad the officials were in this contest and this is not a one team got more calls than the other sort of thing. The officials allowed the game to get out of hand in the first quarter and never really got it back until after the power outage.

The melee that developed after one play that saw a Ravens player actually shove an official with no ejection involved showed to me the lack of enforcement happening in the game. I know that no official wants to be the one to eject a player from the Super Bowl but in that case, it is a no-brainer to me. The officials should have thrown flags on the first post-whistle shoving match. If they would have done that right away, maybe the big melee doesn’t happen and things remain calm.

Everyone has read how Jerome Boger probably shouldn’t have got the call as the referee for this game, but all of the officials who did this game need to be looked at for not doing something early on or even after the push. I really hope the National Football League goes back and looks at the tape of this game and doesn’t allow any of these officials a chance to do the game again. It is unacceptable and really a black mark on the game.

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