Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco Finally Grabs the Nation's Attention

By Marian Hinton
Joe Flacco: USA TODAY Sports

Prior to Super Bowl XLVII, Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco was known among NFL fans as “just a guy.” He was a good quarterback, but certainly not considered a great one. He did just enough to win, but he wasn’t the star of the Ravens team. Now, however, all of that has changed with his performance in not only the Super Bowl, but in the entire post-season as well.

Flacco’s post-season numbers this year were nothing short of astounding. In just four games, the former quarterback out of the University of Pittsburgh and the University of Delaware racked up a total of 1,140 yards, and an amazing 11 touchdowns to zero interceptions. Even more impressively, he went on the road to beat Super Bowl MVPs and elite quarterbacks Peyton Manning and Tom Brady and did so without garnering much attention.

Though picked in the first round of the 2008 draft, Flacco’s first four seasons in the NFL went virtually unnoticed. He was considered a “bus driver,” and was rarely acknowledged for his solid play, despite the fact that he led the Ravens to the post-season in each of his first four seasons, including his rookie year. Now, five years into the his NFL career, he is a Super Bowl champion and MVP.

Much like the rise of Eli Manning, Flacco’s climb to the elite ranks in the NFL was a very quiet one that was often buried under flashier stories, but he’s now officially earned the right to be talked about as one of the league’s premier players.

Flacco’s career may have gone a bit unnoticed before, but now, as the reigning Super Bowl MVP, he’s no doubt arrived as one of the league’s elite and is more than deserving all all the praise he’s receiving. It’s about time.


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