Super Bowl Questions: Will We See Jim Harbaugh Without His Hat Tonight?

By maxselim
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Super Bowl is here! The dip is in the microwave, the prop bets are placed and people all over the world are claiming the most comfortable seat on the couch. What are you most excited for? The commercials? The half-time show? The actual game itself? I’ll tell you what I’m most excited for–the potential to see Jim Harbaugh without his hat on.

Does anyone else find it odd how we’ve never seen Harbaugh without that San Francisco 49ers hat on? It’s getting weird at this point. The hat is on during practice, during games, during post games. You’d think a guy that is prone to having temper-tantrums on the sideline would throw his hat down in disgust once in a while. But no, it’s always the clipboard or the headset that ends up on the field–never the hat.

Jim Harbaugh even managed to wear his hat to a press conference in which his brother wore a suit. The Harbaughs sat side by side, and while it’s debatable which one is a better coach, it’s much more clear which one is better dressed. It’s getting to the point where something must be up. Is he bald? Does he have a big forehead? Is it a lucky hat? What’s the deal?

I’m not sure how it’s going to happen but I feel like tonight may be the night. Maybe Jim will throw such a tantrum that he’ll have to throw the hat for effect. Maybe the 49ers will win and the Gatorade dumped on him will knock the hat off. The best chance is if the cameras catch the moment he takes off his black 49ers hat and replaces it with the Super Bowl champion hat. Many questions will be answered tonight and I hope one of them is what’s under Jim Harbaugh’s hat.

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