Super Bowl XLVII: Jim Harbaugh's Behavior is Inexcusable

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

There’s an old saying I love: act as if. In the case of San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh, his behavior, antics and overall grade from last night’s game were pretty pathetic in his team’s loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

Let’s start with him running up and down the sidelines waiving his arms, screaming, yelling, spitting, drooling and making an overall spectacle of himself. I grew up with Mike Ditka (who interestingly enough undressed Harbaugh once on the sidelines for a bonehead audible that led to a Chicago Bears‘ loss against the Minnesota Vikings), and it became embarrassing after a while. I’m not saying a coach doesn’t have a right to get fired up, but there is a fine line between being fired up and acting like a small child.

But Harbaugh’s behavior didn’t end on the field. It continued after the game. He refused to be interviewed by CBS after the game and complained about the officiating during his post-game press conference. I’m sure he’ll be fined by the league, but this really cuts into his credibility as a coach. Officials do not have a hidden agenda. When a coach suggests that they miss calls on purpose, it creates doubt. He’s quite wrong.

Quite frankly, I thought the officiating was solid during the game. Officiating has become a hot-topic due to the replacement officials from earlier in the season, but there was nothing wrong with this game. Considering both teams regularly acted like thugs and several post-play scrums were occurring, the refs kept things together.

I always liked Harbaugh when he was with the Bears. After he left, there was some bad blood. I really never understood why he was bitter, but I think we learned something about him last night. Instead of handling all of this with class, he went down like a whiny little brother to John Harbaugh (literally and figuratively). It’s too bad that a great season has to be tarnished by the antics of a head coach, but it has.

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