Super Bowl XLVII Will Always Be Known As Blackout Bowl

By Andy Schmidt
JD Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

It wasn’t going to make any difference who won Super Bowl XLVII, the game was going to be remembered for one certain thing and that’s the blackout. I know everyone including myself took every chance they had to make a blackout-related joke on Twitter or Facebook while we all waited for the lights to come back on inside the Superdome. This is something the National Football League must have been freaking out about when half the lights went out.

There is zero doubt in my mind that the momentum of the game was changed after the 35-minute delay and with the Baltimore Ravens rolling along with a 28-6 lead. The delay gave Colin Kaepernick some time to get his feet under him and the San Francisco 49ers did respond after the long break, making it a game to watch all the way to the final whistle. I have read that there was “too much electricity” being pumped into the Superdome and while that could be true, that sounds like a very odd answer to what happened.

The viewing public all of a sudden heard the announcers go silent and the field getting dark. It reminded me a little of the earthquake at the 1989 World Series when the feed was lost and no one knew what was happening for a few moments. The whole course of Super Bowl XLVII was changed by the lights going out in Louisiana. I really believe that if the lights don’t go out, it would have been an epic blowout for Baltimore. This game will always be known as the Blackout Bowl.

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