Cleveland Browns Fans: Lifting Our Own Curse

By Ryan Ruiz
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The Cleveland Browns fan base is one of the most passionate fan bases in all of the NFL. They pride themselves on knowledge and sticking with their team in the good and bad times. So what can these die hard fans do to help their beloved team get over the hump?

The answer is positive energy. We can sit here and cry about how the team left for the city of Baltimore and the late Art Modell screwed everyone, but what good does that do? No matter what your opinion is, the Baltimore Ravens are a sound football team.

It is very sad when before the game even starts, we have grown custom to expecting bad things to happen. Or, instead of talking about positives that could happen, we talk about wishing misery on other teams. By Baltimore winning the Super Bowl, doesn’t that prove how strong the AFC North division truly is?

After a Browns loss, the first thing that pops in our mind is finding out if what? I am guilty as charged, and I admit it. I can’t stand the Pittsburgh Steelers and their fans. I want them to lose every game.  I literally hate them. If my wife told me she was a Steelers lover when I started dating her, I would be one of Cleveland’s top bachelors right now. It is this mindset and thought process we must move away from. As the greatest fans in the universe, we are better than that and focusing “good” energy in another direction cannot cause harm.

For a die hard fan base that loves to live in the past, it’s time to listen to the greatest football player of all time that just happens to have worn an orange helmet, Jim Brown. After the Super Bowl, Brown was quoted saying “Baltimore has proven themselves on the football field. We can’t take that away from them. Art did not make the correct move at the time, in my opinion. It hurt people, but it’s time to get over it.”

As a strong believer in what goes around always comes back around, the facts are that these fans live and die by their team. Emotions are worn on their sleeves 24/7. Talking to Ryan Vidischak, who runs one of the largest Browns Backers groups in Alabama, Central Alabama Browns Backers, he had this to say “When I was at home for the Steelers game, I felt more hate in the Muni lot, than being jacked at home against our rival. I think Cleveland in general is just a depressed miserable group of people. If the Browns started to win, could you imagine the mood swing?!” While I don’t agree that all Browns fans are miserable, Ryan does make a strong point. Winning cures everything.

While scrolling down Central Alabama Browns Backers’ Facebook page, I came across an interesting comment that sums it up. Jerry, a big time Browns fan commented “That’s all we really have left. We have been walked on and beat down so long, hate is the only reasonable emotion left when devoid of competition. Without having something to root for, all we have is something to root against. Hate of the Ravens isn’t even our biggest enemy, its apathy for the Browns.” It’s harsh, but somewhat true.

As Browns followers, there isn’t one thing we can do to go back and change the past. It’s what we do from here on out that matters the most. Focus on positive vibes in 2013.

Ryan Ruiz – Cleveland Browns Writer

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