NFL Rumors: Did Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett Make A Deal?

By Ben Grimaldi
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After the recent hiring of Derek Dooley as wide receivers coach for the Dallas Cowboys, I can’t help but wonder if there is something fishy going on with Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett. Jones steps out and promised big changes after the season ended and, by looking at the new coaching staff on the Cowboys, he was right. There have been changes and taking a closer look at the situation, so is it fair to ask if the owner and the coach made a deal?

If you’re not sure what I mean, allow me to take you through the theory. Jones wanted change, which is fine since the Cowboys haven’t shed the average label in the past few years and I’m sure Garrett isn’t happy with being 8-8 every year either. So they sit down to talk about what those changes should be for the 2013 Cowboys.

I’m assuming during that talk that Jones and Garrett first discussed Garrett giving up the play calling job. I’m also assuming this is where Jones laid down the law and told his head coach that John Garrett was no longer welcome on the Cowboys coaching staff. In order to get those things that Jones wanted, which  presumably did not thrill Garrett, is it possible he gave Garrett the freedom to do what he wanted? Which was to bring in guys he wanted to run the Cowboys defense and change defensive scheme’s. Garrett likely had Monte Kiffin and possibly Rod Marinelli in mind when he made the switch in defensive coordinators.

So Jones gets what he wants, which is a new offensive coordinator so he can have his ‘walk-around’ head coach, and Garrett gets what he wants, which is to bring in defensive coaches he’s more comfortable with. In reality, both Jones and Garrett are changing philosophies with their changes. Jones has said repeatedly how he wanted his coach to be a coordinator and Garrett is changing defensive schemes, so both are on-board with the big changes Jones spoke about.

It also seems pretty obvious that Garrett got to pick the rest of his coaching staff as well, bringing in Rich Bisaccia and Dooley, who both have ties to Garrett. So again, it’s fair to ask if the two men made a deal to get what they wanted.

To be clear here, there is no proof of any of this. I’m just a writer thinking out loud and allowing you to make the decision for yourself but it does seem possible. Either way you look at the situation though, one thing is clear: Jones and Garrett are working together. There is no power struggle and Garrett still holds plenty of sway in the Cowboys organization. Thinking any differently is just lazy.

Deal or No Deal used to be a popular television show and I’m wondering if the Cowboys brought it back this off-season.

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