NFL Rumors: Should the Denver Broncos Sign Troubled Receiver?

By Joe Morrone
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Whenever a talented player is released in the NFL for whatever reason, every team has to ask themselves should they make an effort to sign him. The Detroit Lions released wide receiver, Titus Young on Monday and the questions of who should sign him are everywhere. Welcome to the NFL offseason. Young is a talented receiver but he cannot stay out of trouble, and cannot avoid controversy.

The Lions have disciplined him 12 times over the past two seasons for various infractions, but kept him because of the potential. Not only does Young have discipline problems, he’s also delusional. He claims that he is just as good as fellow Lions receiver, Calvin Johnson. Done laughing yet?

So should the Denver Broncos, who will be in the market for a receiver, sign Young?  Absolutely not, as if you didn’t already know that. Yes the Broncos will be seeking another weapon for Peyton Manning but they are not desperate. They are set with their starters in Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker.  Brandon Stokley is also interested in returning. If the Broncos went into next season with those three as their top receivers, they would be fine.

The Broncos also have a very strong locker room and anyone who signs with them is going to have to fit into that group. Young is talented but he is a cancer in the locker room and for a team with championship aspirations, that’s not going to work. There are teams that are desperate for help at receiver, so Young will end up with a job somewhere but it won’t be in Denver.

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