No Team Should Take a Chance on Titus Young

By Ben Grimaldi
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Since the news hit that the Detroit Lions were ready to cut troubled wide receiver Titus Young, there have been plenty of opinions as to why teams should or shouldn’t sign the second round pick. While it’s usually normal to wonder about taking a chance on a young and talented wide receiver, I just have to ask: why all the fuss over Titus Young?

Young, despite being drafted in the second round of the 2011 NFL draft, has yet to show any real potential. In two seasons with the Lions, he only has 990 receiving yards and 10 touchdowns, failing to record at least 50 catches in either season. Remember, these are his numbers for being the second receiving option for an offense that has Calvin Johnson as the number one threat, which means Young is having trouble getting open against single coverage. Does this sound like a receiver teams should seriously be considering as an option?

Aside from not producing on the field, Young has also been a problem off the field. In college, he got into a fight with a teammate and last year in the off-season, he punched fellow Lions player Louis Delmas. Young’s other off-field issues include arguing with his position coach and threatening to quit if he didn’t get passes thrown his way.

There’s no need to talk about his ridiculous boast that he’s better than Johnson because it’s not worth discussing, but that’s how delusional Young is. Maybe Young has talent, but so far it hasn’t shown up on the field, nor does he seem to have the right mindset for the game. Is there something I’m missing? Why are people are making a fuss over Young?

Is it because he’s a second round draft pick and he hasn’t developed his game yet? That’s possible, but there have been plenty of other higher draft picks than Young who never panned out in the NFL.

Titus Young isn’t worth all the fuss until his play lives up to his own hype, which means we’ll probably be waiting for a long time, just like we did with Charles Rogers.

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