Rashard Mendenhall a good fit with the Kansas City Chiefs

By Damon Salvadore
Denny Medley-US Presswire

Pittsburgh Steelers running back Rashard Mendenhall is set to be an unrestricted free agent this offseason. The Kansas City Chiefs best player may be a running back, but they may want to explore this option at the right price.

Jamaal Charles was a stud in 2012, rushing for more than 1,500 yards, including an outstanding 91 yard run. One could have even made the case that Charles was the NFL comeback player of the year instead of Peyton Manning. However, this is a good situation for the Chiefs because they can add power to speed. They can give Charles more rest during games. They can have power and finesse.

Charles is the face of the franchise without a doubt, but he is limited because of his size. He’s not the greatest between the tackles, but he is among the NFL’s best at running to the outside. Mendenhall is obviously completely different, thriving between tackles but slower to the outside. Charles has scored 17 rushing touchdowns compared to Mendenhall’s 29 rushing touchdowns in five seasons. Mendenhall has fumbled the ball just nine times compared to Charles’ 15 times.

These two would compliment each other perfectly. It would wear down opposing defenses with Charles’ blazing speed and Mendenhall’s bulldozing running style. The Chiefs would be among the league leaders in time of possession without a doubt. The Steelers are currently $10.8 million over the salary cap and are looking to make some moves. Mendenhall had a disappointing 2012 season with the Steelers in which he was suspended with a new offensive scheme. But given a new team and a new contract, Mendenhall would have more motivation.

In the end, the Chiefs are in a potentially great situation here. They have a chance to sign a power back to compliment Charles. With Mendenhall, fumbles would decrease and touchdowns would increase. The Chiefs will probably be able to get Mendenhall for a low price and he would most likely want to play for a new team after being suspended.


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