NFL Rumors: Should the Chicago Bears Pursue Titus Young?

Detroit Lions Bench Titus Young for Thanksgiving Game Versus Houston Texans
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Last season, the Chicago Bears brought in Brandon Marshall despite his numerous off-the-field issues. It was one of the best moves the Bears have ever made. Could Titus Young be the 2013 version of Marshall? Is the troubled ex-member of the Detroit Lions a fit with the Bears?

Let’s start at the beginning. The Bears really stink at wide receiver besides Marshall. Alshon Jeffrey hasn’t been very impressive, Earl Bennett is getting worse and Devin Hester says he doesn’t want to play receiver anymore (not that he played it at a high level to begin with). Even if the Bears figure Jeffrey and Bennett into their plans, they still need at least one more receiver (I know some of you think Johnny Knox will be back, and I wouldn’t hold my breath). Obviously the Bears can look at the draft or other free agents, but Young is right under their nose. And with his frustrations with the Lions and the Bears new commitment to offense, Young may find a home with the Bears.

On the flip side, Young doesn’t possess Marshall’s size or previous-years of production. While that doesn’t mean he won’t learn, his height (5’11”) doesn’t make your eyes pop out of your head. Plus, playing with Calvin “Megatron” Johnson didn’t help his production (and Young went on record saying he’s better). So the question that the Bears need to answer does Young’s lack of production come from talent, attitude, scheme or something else? Because the way I see it, there’s nothing wrong with taking a look at this guy. But as it stands, I wouldn’t get into a bidding war or bring in a guy you know will interrupt your team. It will be interesting to see how this plays out, but the Bears do need to get better at wide receiver and Young offers a potential solution.

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