Arizona Cardinals Need to Stay Away From WR Titus Young

By Kase Brammer
Titus Young
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

It is a blessing to have the athletic ability to play in the NFL and former Detroit Lions WR Titus Young doesn’t realize it. He should have been happy playing along side the best receiver in the NFL, but instead complained to the point where he got himself kicked off the team. The Arizona Cardinals need men on their team to make a run at the playoffs in 2013 and Titus Young is a child.

There is no question he has talent, but if he came to Arizona he would once again be in the shadow of Larry Fitzgerald and maybe even Andre Roberts. Young needs the spot light, he craves the attention like a toddler crying. Head Coach Bruce Arians needs to make it clear that diva behavior will not be accepted on this team, especially by unproven players.

Besides all of the attitude problems, the Cardinals can’t spend any more money on wide receivers when they are clearly not the problem. Quarterback is the first an only priority until a solution is found. I have recently changed my quarterback of the future from Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick to Cleveland Browns QB Colt McCoy. He has the athletic ability to scramble and with a little “good” coaching he should have no problem getting the ball down field to his receivers.

As soon as the quarterback problem is fixed the Cardinals can then pursue other players. For example, if Baltimore Ravens WR Anquan Boldin is cut, the Cardinals need to go after him as fast . The combination of Fitzgerald and Boldin is a beautiful thing and with an offensive system that favors the deep ball, Boldin would thrive across the middle of the field.

On a side note, whichever team does decide to sign Young should require him to delete his twitter account. He is clearly not mature enough to handle social media, so the team should take it away.

If Titus Young is signed will he make a good addition to the Cardinals? Tell me what you think.

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