What does Andy Reid have in store for the Kansas City Chiefs?

By Damon Salvadore
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So many questions remained unanswered about what new Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid will do this off-season. Will he draft Geno Smith No. 1 overall, or choose to explore free agency instead? A lot of rumors have circulated lately that Reid will trade for San Fransisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith.

According to Alex Smith’s former teammate Trent Dilfer, who is now an ESPN analyst, it’s a possibility. Dilfer said “Reid likes Alex” and “there was a courtship.” Alex Smith has turned around his career after a rough start and being called a draft bust for years. However, this season he was replaced by Colin Kaepernick and Smith has made it clear he doesn’t want to be a backup anymore.

Everybody knows Reid loves his passing game. The question now is would he rather trade for an expensive proven quarterback going on 29 years old like Smith or would he rather completely build from scratch with a younger inexperienced quarterback in the draft.

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Reid and the Chiefs have options, unlike currently financially challenged teams such as the New York Jets or New Orleans Saints. The Chiefs are more than $16 million under the cap. Signing Smith wouldn’t be the biggest risk in the world. Another big question or concern for Reid is what to do with Matt Cassell. No matter what quarterback Reid brings in, the offense must center around star running back Jamaal Charles. The offense must go as he goes.


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