Why the San Francisco 49ers loss sent chills down the back of Tennessee Titans fans

By anthony denmark
Kevin Dyson Tennessee Titants
USA Today Sports – Tom Tomsic

The San Francisco 49ers coming up five yards short of winning  their sixth Super Bowl Championship should have sent a chill down the back of the Tennessee Titans fans and owner Bud Adams. 49ers starting quarterback Colin Kaepernick may have lost the game, but his performance on the NFL’s biggest stage conjured up memories of deceased former Titans quarterback Steve McNair.

For the pundits who refer to Kaepernick as a once in a lifetime talent, I encourage them to review the highlight reel from McNair’s performance in Super Bowl XXXIV. When the Saint Louis Rams got off to a fast start due to their high powered offense led by quarterback Kurt Warner and Hall of Fame running back Marshall Faulk, many presumed that the Titans had no more miracles left. Nevertheless, McNair believed otherwise, and fueled by his sheer will to win and athletic ability, the Titans finished a yard short in what many have considered to be one of the greatest Super Bowl contests of all time.

Blessed with a similar skill set to the late McNair–rifle-like arm and speed like a gazelle to run and extend plays– Kaepernick has the opportunity to attain a similar level of greatness. McNair was never able to lead the Titans back to the promised land after his career defining moment, but NFL fans will never forget where they were when McNair redefined the quarterback position in the losing effort at Super Bowl XXXIV. Although McNair has passed away, the suspense of Super Bowl XVLII reminded many Titan fans and sports enthusiasts of  quarterback Air McNair, his legendary drive and how close McNair and the Titans came to becoming Super Bowl Champions.

Steve McNair Tennessee Titans
USA TODAY Sports – Tom Tomsic

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