Baltimore Ravens: Jacoby Jones and Anquan Boldin Left With Rings But No Car

By Ross Watson
Jack Gruber-USA TODAY

Everyone knows by now the big stories that stemmed from the Super Bowl; the lights went out, Ray Lewis played his last game and Joe Flacco was named MVP, but the real story, and something that even as a Baltimore Ravens fan I was angry about, is that both Jacoby Jones and Anquan Boldin got snubbed as MVPs.

Everyone knows that the Super Bowl MVP award is heavily favoured towards quarterbacks and Joe Flacco had the type of numbers to warrant being the MVP, but was he really the Ravens Most Valuable Player?

At the end of the night he had completed 22 of 33 passes for 287 yards with 3 touchdowns and his team were world champions, but I didn’t really feel that his performance was the most valuable to the Raven’s cause. When it comes to playoff MVP, then that’s another matter entirely, but on the night I felt like both Q’s and Jones’ performances were much more valuable.

Yes Joe Flacoo threw the passes that both wide receivers caught their touchdown catches on, but in the context of the game I felt like both of these players made bigger contributions and here’s why.

Jacoby Jones only had one catch on the night, but his catch was a monster 56 yarder where his blew the defense away with his speed and due to a slight under throw, had to hit the deck to catch before getting up and juking out two defenders to get into the end zone. Jones then opened the scoring in the second half with a Super Bowl record 108 yard return for a touchdown which were ultimately the winning points for Baltimore. Overall he finished the night with 290 total combined yards, another Super Bowl record and 3 more yards than Flacco had passing. In my opinion his contribution was what won the game.

The next man that got snubbed was Anquan Boldin, who was the only Raven’s receiver with more than 100 yards on the night to go  along with his 1 touchdown. Even though the raw numbers probably couldn’t make him an instant MVP pick, if you watched the game (and I’m assuming you did) then you’ll remember how big the catches that Q made were. I’m not going to go through the number of memorable catches he had, but his last one to keep the Ravens drive alive that won the game was in itself MVP worthy!

Obviously both players will be delighted with winning the Super Bowl, but when both look back on their own performances, they might realise that their performances merited more acclaim.

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