Buffalo Bills need Geno Smith

By Ben Leven
Geno Smith

The 2012 NFL season is behind us. For those of us who can’t get excited about the NBA or the MLB season and are strictly focusing on the NFL’s 2013 season, let us dive into college prospects for teams that need them. The Buffalo Bills finished fourth last season, and have not been first in the Eastern Conference in twenty years. They have not been to the playoffs in over a decade – something has got to give.

Bills fans can’t wait another twenty years for them to make it to the playoffs, let alone win one lousy conference.

The Bills need a good strong arm next season-  a factor that is arguably the root of the Bills problem. The remedy for that ailment comes in the form of a double dose of West Virginia Mountaineer power house quarterback Geno Smith.

Smith is a beast; he’s got loads and loads of national offensive titles. As a Mountaineer starter for the past three years, Smith has 11,662 passing yards and 98 touch downs. As a QB, Smith is a pretty big dude, standing 6’2 and weighing 220 lbs. Smith is rightfully the No.1 quarterback draft pick for the 2013 NFL draft.

Truth be told, Smith will be up for grabs for better teams than the Bills. It is incredibly unlikely that the Bills will end up with Smith in the 2013 draft, but that does not mean that Bills fans can dream right? Well in the more-than-likely chance the Bills won’t get their hand on Smith, they can always consider Syracuse QB Ryan Nassib, but let us not strive for constellation prizes.

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