Dallas Cowboys Should Avoid Pursuing Chris Canty

By Ben Grimaldi
Jason O. Watson-USA TODAY Sports

With the recent news of the New York Giants releasing defensive lineman Chris Canty, I can already hear the questions regarding Canty. Should the Dallas Cowboys sign Canty? It’s become pretty common to hear the Cowboys name associated with any free agent and Canty shouldn’t be an exception, especially considering he once played in Dallas.

It would also make sense to link Canty with the Cowboys because the team has a need on the defensive line and Canty is a solid player who is versatile enough to move around to any position along the line. However, as much as the Cowboys need help up front on their defense, Canty is not a good fit. First of all Canty is too old, 30, and the Cowboys need to get younger on defense.

Canty also doesn’t have the quickness that Monte Kiffin likes in his defensive lineman. He’s more of a power player and he doesn’t get up-field enough or rush the quarterback enough to be a good fit in Dallas. In his eight seasons as a pro, Canty only has 19 sacks and he doesn’t wreak havoc on an offense. The Cowboys can find a better, younger version of Canty in the draft, or cheaper version of him somewhere else in free agency and get similar production.

Don’t get me wrong, Canty is a solid player and a great clubhouse guy but Dallas should look elsewhere to build its defensive line. The Cowboys should be looking to get younger and even though Canty fits as a 4-3 player, he doesn’t fit the Cowboys in their Tampa 2 scheme.

The Cowboys have work to do to improve their defensive line, but they should avoid pursuing Chris Canty to do it.

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