Ed Reed Coming to the New Orleans Saints Would Be A Long Shot

By Alejandro Aviles
Ed Reed
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

Fresh off his first Super Bowl victory Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed said that he has no plans to retire anytime soon. This off-season Reed will be a free agent and there has been speculation that he might not return to the Ravens.

Reed was visibly emotional after his Super Bowl victory and when he was being interviewed he had nothing but praise for the city of New Orleans. With Reed being a free agent there have been rumors that Reed could come to the New Orleans Saints this off-season. Reed, a native of Louisiana, might want to end his playing days playing for his home town team.

The Super Bowl winning safety could definitely help the Saints’ secondary and would almost certainly be starting. The Ravens essentially run a hybrid 3-4 defensive scheme so Reed would be very familiar with what the Saints want to do on defense. However, while it would be great for the Saints the question remains, would Reed leave the Ravens?

Reed is arguably the best safety to ever play the game and will most likely be a first ballot Hall of Famer. Reed has spent his entire career with the Ravens, 11 seasons to be exact, and I am sure it would be incredibly difficult to leave the only team he has ever known. However, given his age the Ravens might not be able to give him the most lucrative contract. On the other hand, the Saints will be going through their own salary cap constraints this off-season and might not be able to give Reed a lucrative contract either.

With Ray Lewis riding off into the sunset with his second Super Bowl victory it would leave Reed as the face of the Ravens’ defense. At 34, I do not see Reed leaving the Ravens and it would be a long shot for him to come to the Saints. If Reed did somehow com to the Saints he would provide some much needed leadership to the younger players and not to mention, the toughness he would bring.

If the Saints managed to get Reed on their roster it would be the biggest pickup of the off-season but I just do not see it happening. However, anything is possible and the prospect of playing for his home town team might be able to sway Reed to come to the Saints.

Alejandro Aviles is the Featured Writer for the New Orleans Saints at Rant Sports @aaviles312

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