New York Giants Cut Three Starters

By Andrew Lecointe
Andrew Mills — US Presswire

The New York Giants released LB Michael Boley, making a move even he most likely expected was coming. The Giants are entering the off-season over the salary cap with players they would like to re-sign. For Boley, his contract and position with the team made it inevitable that he would be cut.

However, the Giants also released RB Ahmad Bradshaw and DL Chris Canty, making the first surprising moves of the off-season. Bradshaw and Canty had two years left on their contracts, so the Giants are obviously looking beyond this upcoming season for cap flexibility. They have long-term deals they’d like to get done, and the Giants have confidence in RB David Wilson and RB Andre Brown, who’s also a free agent.

Boley was going into the final season of his contract so the Giants were definitely going to do something with him. Boley was a little effective, but it appeared the Giants were drifting in another direction toward the end of the season. Boley received less playing time while he maintained he wasn’t injured and ready to go.

Boley, Bradshaw and Canty won’t be the only ones who suffer this fate. OL David Diehl is in the same situation as Boley, going into the final year of his deal. Like Boley, Diehl’s production has slipped, so his contract and status will be looked at next. The Giants cut OL Shaun O’Hara a couple of seasons ago as well after his production slipped, so Diehl better be willing to take a paycut if he wants to remain with the team.

All three guys should definitely get approached by other teams. It wasn’t too long ago that they helped the team in Super Bowl XLVI, a game the Giants won. They all have several productive years left in them barring any unforeseen injury.

DE Justin Tuck is in the same predicament also. However, it doesn’t appear the Giants will part ways with him. They see him as valuable, even though his production has slipped the past couple of seasons. The Giants will definitely approach him about taking a paycut because they need to find money to sign WR Victor Cruz and others. We’ll see if the Giants make any more cuts.

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