NFL Rumors: Will Kirk Cousins Start At Quarterback For Washington Redskins In 2013?

By Ben Grimaldi


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When it was announced that Washington Redskins rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III was going to have surgery to repair a torn knee, everyone quickly assumed that Kirk Cousins would be the starter in 2013. However, Griffin has vowed to be ready to play in week one, just as Adrian Peterson did last year. If anyone can repeat what Peterson did, it might be Griffin.

Looking at the situation though, this will be Griffin’s second major knee surgery and nothing is guaranteed and the Redskins are lucky to have a capable backup at quarterback. Kirk Cousins, who filled in for RGIII with a win over the Cleveland Browns this season, is preparing to be the starter in Washington just in case Griffin won’t be ready. Here’s what Cousins said to the Washington Times about the situation:

“Now, in terms of my presence in the locker room and that kind of a thing, I’ll probably try to be a little more vocal so that I don’t come across to my teammates as somebody who’s afraid of that role or not comfortable in that role. It’ll be an interesting balance to have to walk because obviously I don’t want to step on anybody’s toes, but I also need to be ready if called upon.”

Reading between those lines it appears as though Cousins will be using the off-season to prepare himself as if he was the starting quarterback of the Redskins. It’s the right approach to take and Washington is lucky to have two young quarterbacks who are able to not only play well on the field, but also can establish a leadership role on the team. Even if Griffin is not back in time for the start of the 2013 NFL season, Cousins appears more than ready to take his place.

Kirk Cousins thinks of himself as a starting quarterback of the Washington Redskins and that just might be the case. Right about now I don’t think there are too  many people angry over Mike Shanahan taking two quarterbacks in last year’s draft.

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