No Reason For People To Dislike Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Tony Romo

By Ben Grimaldi
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Another day, another poll and another Dallas Cowboys player is on the list. Is it me, or does Tony Romo seem to land on every list imaginable? Whether it’s the ‘Most Overrated’ or ‘Most Disliked,’ Romo somehow finds his way onto it and I don’t understand why? This time Romo landed at number 10 on Forbes magazine’s recent list of ‘Most Disliked’ athletes.

It’s one thing for Cowboys fans not to like Romo, but it’s quite another to have other people hate him. What has Romo done wrong? He’s never been arrested, no domestic disputes, no drugs, no performance enhancing rumors, and yet he is still loathed by so many people. Romo is not in every commercial, nor does he say anything controversial but for some reason, people just don’t like him.

I know there are more Cowboys fans than any other football team out there, and maybe that’s the reason Romo lands so high on this list. No, he hasn’t led the Cowboys to a Super Bowl, but the level of hatred is difficult to understand. Do Cowboys fans even remember what the team was like before Romo was their quarterback?

If not, let me remind you, the team was toiling through 5-11 seasons and quarterbacks by the names of Quincy Carter, Ryan Leaf and Chad Hutchinson were leading the team. Of course Vinny Testaverde and Drew Bledsoe were mixed in, but the Dallas Cowboys had zero hope without Romo so the hate needs to slow down from Cowboys fans.

Then there are the other fans, people who root for other teams who can’t help but to hate Romo and that’s very puzzling. Why hate a guy who everyone says will never lead the Cowboys to a Super Bowl? Opposing fans should be celebrating Romo’s accomplishments as a choker instead of hating him, after all, that’s their perception of him. Maybe it’s just the status that comes with being the quarterback of America’s Team and the jealousy associated with it that make people dislike Romo so much. Perhaps jealousy and dislike go hand in hand.

Tony Romo is 10th on a list that includes Lance ArmstrongManti Te’o, Tiger Woods and Michael Vick, all athletes that did something despicable enough to be disliked. Romo hasn’t done a thing to be put on this type of list.

There is no reason for people to dislike Tony Romo and if you’re a Dallas Cowboys fan it’s best to just ignore lists all together, it’s much easier that way.

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