NFL Rumors: The Philadelphia Eagles' Michael Vick Conundrum

By maxselim
The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

Reports are surfacing that the Philadelphia Eagles will not cut Michael Vick before Wednesday’s deadline which guarantees the quarterback $3 million. The clause, which is indicative of the NFL’s confusing contractual logistics, says that by not cutting Vick before February 7th, the Eagles can keep him on the roster until free agency starts on March 12th. If the Eagles release him before then, they will not be on the hook for the $15.5 million they owe Vick in 2013.

Basically the Eagles are buying another month to decide what to do with Vick. Which begs the question, what should they do with Vick? The injury prone 32 year-old is coming off a lackluster season in which he only played 10 games but managed to turn the ball over 21 times. He may have trade value based on the lack of QBs on the market and available in the draft. But surely any potential suitors would have an issue with his large contract, which based on performance, is undoubtedly high.

The sparse quarterback market is a double-edged sword for the Eagles. Sure, it may help them unload Vick but it begs the question: With Vick gone, who would be the 2013 quarterback for the Eagles?

Rookie QB Nick Foles showed glimpses of competence in his five game stint as Philadelphia’s starter, and for all intents and purposes, has a bright future as an NFL quarterback. However, it’s unlikely he’s ready to lead the 4-12 Eagles deep into the playoffs, which is what the impatient fan-base is hoping for in 2013. It also seems foolish for the Eagles to pursue a quarterback via free agency or a trade as Vick is probably the best available option (Save Alex Smith).

In other words, the Eagles will have plenty to consider over the next month. Personally, I think the Eagles issues ran way deeper than the QB position in 2013 and not all of the Eagles’ woes should be placed on Vick’s shoulders. Perhaps new coach Chip Kelley, often considered an offensive mastermind, can salvage what Vick has left in the tank. This would allow Foles to hone his skills over another year (and realistically, with Vick’s proneness to injury, probably play a few games). But then again, $15.5 million is big money to pay a quarterback that averages more than two turnovers per game. It will be an interesting (and expensive) month in Philly. I’m glad I’m not Howie Roseman.

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