Adrian Peterson Undergoes Another Surgery; Reason for Concern?

By Andrew Fisher
USA Today Sports

Minnesota Vikings fans never wanted to hear the word surgery and Adrian Peterson mentioned together again, but unfortunately the star running back went under the knife recently. However, fans can breath easy because the surgery was a routine sports hernia procedure that will not cost Peterson any time heading into next season. It’s a recovery that should take a few weeks, but with AP, we all know normal timelines don’t apply.

For those that follow the Vikings closely, they may remember hearing that Peterson was dealing with sore abdominal muscles for at least the last month of the season. It turns out that he actually had a tear in one of his abdominal muscles, which apparently is very painful. This just makes his 2012 season even more remarkable.

Actually, you could make a case that Peterson was not a 100% for the entire 2012 season. He kept saying early on that his surgically repaired left knee wasn’t 100%, and then he suffered a sprained ankle. He played through the ankle sprain, then later in the season he suffered this abdominal injury. So maybe there were a few weeks at best that he was 100% in 2012, truly remarkable.

One thing is for sure – an entire normal off-season of rest is a very good thing for Peterson and the Vikings. If the guy can almost break an NFL record and win MVP coming off of ACL surgery, while battling an abdominal tear, who knows what he’ll do at full health in 2013.


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