Atlanta Falcons Year in Review: Roddy White

By Kevin Van Pelt



Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White was drafted by the team in 2005 and has been a key factor in the teams success for nearly a decade. He has been the number one wide receiver since the 2007 season and has established himself as not only the best receiver on the team, but as one of the best wide receivers in the league.

This season was another successful year for White as he had 92 catches for 1,351 yards and seven touchdowns. White continues to be the favorite target for quarterback Matt Ryan, who targeted White 143 times this season. His numbers did go down for the second straight year and this was also the first time in three years that White did not have over 100 catches. With second-year receiver Julio Jones now adding another threat to the offense, Ryan now has more than one deep threat down the field. So while White’s numbers may have gone down some, it is not because of his performance.

With Jones creating a one-two punch on the outside, White has seen more single coverage as the younger and faster Jones has been getting extra attention. This should lead to a bigger year for the 31-year-old receiver.

White, along with the rest of his team has experienced playoff victory for the first time. White knows that the Falcons have one of, if not the best, receiving corps in the league, which includes tight end Tony Gonzalez who plans on retiring. White is currently trying to convince the star tight end to play one more season since he knows how close this current team is to winning the Super Bowl.

At 31, White is running out of time in the league, but still has a few good years left in him. He has not missed one game in his entire playing career so he is a player that the team can trust to be out every week fighting for a victory. With the chemistry that he has built with Ryan, White’s numbers should be close to what they were for the past three seasons.


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