Cam Newton One of Easiest Players to Root for In All of the NFL

By Devin O'Barr
John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday night the Auburn Tigers had one of their most famous alums cheering for them courtside. Yes, that is Cam Newton dawning a very interesting sweater and a horn amidst the Tigers big victory over the Alabama Crimson Tide.

This is a perfect example of a player not mouthing off the media, getting in trouble with the law or bad-mouthing his team and offensive schemes. Newton has done all of the above in years prior but, moves like this make you think Newton may be starting to get the picture of being a face of a franchise.

Love him or hate him, Newton is a personality that the Carolina Panthers have so desperately needed since becoming a team back in 1995.

Last year’s Offensive Rookie of the Year Newton has became increasingly popular both in the state of North Carolina and around the NFL. His athletic build and attractive personality has him in numerous commercials and has only improved the popularity for the Panthers as a whole.

Although many will call him a victim of the sophomore slump, Newton improved with just 12 interceptions compared to 17 his rookie-season and led the league with 13.8 Yards per Completion. Obviously, head coach Ron Rivera wants more than another 7-9 season out of Newton but, at just 23-years old the future is extremely bright for this former Tiger.

NFL offseasons are far too often riddled with arrests of all kinds so when a story breaks of one the leagues best traveling back to school to cheer his heart out in the student section makes me hopeful.

Newton will have plenty to improve upon 2013 but, as he matures in his third professional season under center, don’t be surprised if he makes a play at MVP.

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