Darnell Dockett And Chris Rix Have Some Twitter Beef

By Riley Schmitt
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Darnell Dockett has had an interesting off-season. The Arizona Cardinals lineman got a lot of attention for his Tweets that were fawning over Katherine Webb, but there seems to be a bigger issue at hand now. Chris Rix, who was teammates with Dockett at Florida State, went on a radio show and made claims about Dockett’s sexuality. Dockett did not like those comments.

As you can see, that is a pretty vicious tweet.  It was even worse before I edited it.  There are more tweets out there about this issue but you can search for those yourself.  This is what happens in today’s media era, however.  If you call someone out, you can bet that there will be a tweet or two in response.

Honestly, I am on the side of Dockett here.  Rix brought up the stuff he said for no apparent reason.  Dockett has every reason to be upset with Rix.  The fact the two probably did not get along at college probably plays into this.  Rix thought he could get some exposure off of Dockett and his name.  That is a bad move on the part of Rix.

We will see if anything comes out of this.  I bet that this will not be patched up soon.  Expect Dockett to keep going after Rix.

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