Denver Broncos LB Von Miller Wants To Be More Well Rounded, True Team Leader

By Mark Stringer
Mark J. Rebilas – US Presswire

Denver Broncos LB Von Miller is ready to become an elite all-round defensive leader for his team, similar to what Ray Lewis has been for the Baltimore Ravens over the past 17 seasons.

Miller was able to put up 55 tackles, 18.5 sacks, six forced fumbles and one interception that was returned for a touchdown this season, but apparently that is not enough for him.

“Sacks are good. They’re always good, but for me, I want to be more well-rounded.”

I guess what Miller is saying is that he is striving to be the kind of linebacker that can put up 100-plus tackles and still rack up plenty of sacks while being a excellent pass defender as well. It’s very hard to be a pass-rusher off the edge and rack up 18.5 sacks, and still be in position often enough to make a ton of tackles and defend passes, but that’s what he wants to strive to do.

Lewis has been the best example of a well-rounded linebacker in recent NFL history. He has had many seasons of 100-plus tackles, while being able to defend around 10 passes, record close to five sacks and intercept as many as six passes in a single season. Miller is a much better pass-rusher, which will keep him from the kind of stats that Lewis put up, but he should be able to keep getting a ton of sacks and improve in tackles and defending the pass.

If Miller can become anywhere close of the leader Lewis has been for the Ravens then he will improve the Broncos a ton. I can’t wait to see him in his third NFL season.

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