Group Media Interview with Houston Texans J.J. Watt at Gatorade Fuel Bar

By Dave Daniels
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Gatorade is launching a series of Fuel Bars at their university affiliates and they should start popping up all over the country in the next year. In the following week, I will be posting video of various NFL players fielding questions at the Fuel Bar and sometimes even bar tending for the media a bit.

It was kind of a happy accident in the J.J. Watt group interview that he slid the Gatorade down the fuel bar and it landed right in front of the smart phone’s camera lens. Watt would make a great bartender if this whole Pro Bowl football player thing doesn’t work out for him.

Watt gave a lively interview, and I asked him about his experience going out as a wide receiver in the Pro Bowl and trying to catch a pass from Peyton Manning. (4:13) He even got some laughs for his line about burning the game film on his wide receiver possessions. You can also see my one on one interview with Watt here. He even gave some restaurant recommendations to the media as well. (Mother’s and Emeril’s). That second pick might be a bit touristy for my taste, but it’s all good.

Watt was recently named Defensive Player of the Year, and it is unnerving that the best is yet to come for him. Catch more Gatorade Fuel Bar interviews later this week, and Cam Newton‘s later today.

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