Joe Flacco's Rule Ignorance Almost Cost Baltimore Ravens The Super Bowl

By Riley Schmitt
Maxwell Kruger-USA TODAY Sports

Joe Flacco had one heck of a Super Bowl but it almost ended with some strangeness. The Baltimore Ravens were nursing their lead, but the San Francisco 49ers still had to receive a final kickoff. The cameras on the bench heard Flacco telling his teammates to run out on the field and tackle the kick returner if he broke loose. If this would have happened, the team would have lost.

If you do not know the rule, an illegal player making a tackle can end up with all sorts of ruling.  It is possible that the refs could have ruled that the player would have scored, and they would have given the 49ers a touchdown.  It is entirely up to the refs at that point. There is not a set way for them to handle such a situation, but Ravens fans should be thankful it did not happen.

I still cannot believe how some players do not know the rules of football. I guess some of them are pretty strange to know, but this rule is fairly easy to remember. The league is not going to have a simple 15-yard penalty for a guy coming off the bench to make a game-saving tackle. That is simply not fair. I am shocked that a QB would not know this rule.

If this would have happened, the Super Bowl would have been even stranger. I did not know that was possible, but it looks like Flacco had other plans.

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